Koneenica Banerjee was born on May 21, 1980 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. She is an actress, known for Kader Kuler Bou (2015), Chalo Let’s Go (2008) and Ichchhemotir Gappo (2015).

In Flim : Sohini

Age: 35 years
Sohini comes from a middle class family. There was a time when she too aspired to become a singer or a dancer, but now, marriage has metamorphosed her dreams into wishing to lead a full fledged family centred domestic life. Now all her dreams circle aroud her only son, Dampu. Bilu’s life exasperates Sohini and in turn negatively affects her nature into further resentment over Bilu. She focuses her life into her job and Dampu. Sohini is very organized by nature.


Joy Sengupta was born on December 14, 1968 in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. He is an actor, known for Hate Story (2012), 68 Pages (2007) and Four Chapters (2008).

In Flim : Bilu

Age: 37 to 40 years
In his outer appearance, Bilu is a typical corporate employee with the usual ensuing glit of the profession. However, from within he is very unorganized. On one hand, he possesses the sensibilities of an artist while on the other, he harbors a narrow middle class sentiment. Bilu thus lives his life with a concocture of contradictory dualism in his nature. Although having a calm demeanor, a crude asperity has crept into Bilu’s heart. He was amitious and had high expectations into building a career in singing, but his inability to achieve so has engulfed Bilu in an all pervading frustration. Although vexed, be as it may, he wishes to give himself one last chance before giving up.


Pradip Mukherjee was born on August 11, 1946 in Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India. He is an actor, known for Jana Aranya (1976), Dooratwa (1979) and Utsab (2000).

In Flim : Amitabha

Age: 70 years
Amitabha has a scrawny physique. His countenance carries the fatigue of unending round of work all over his life. Amitabha is idealistic, modest, introvert and soft hearted. He is very loving by nature.


Papiya Sen is an actress and costume designer, known for Krishnakanter Will (2007), Eti (2008) and Debipaksha (2004).

In Flim : Anandi

Age: 62 to 65 years
Anandi is very family oriented with her husband and her son. She carries a calm firmness in her disposition. Although loving by nature she is a tad dominating and has an inviolable sense of self respect.

Other are

Kanchana Moitra
In Flim : Ranu
Deboprasad Halder
In Flim : Deb
Anjishnu Banerjee
In Flim : Dampu-Son of Bilu
Rony Dasgupta
In Flim : Priyadip-Friend of Bilu
Anirban Banerjee
In Flim : Chiranjib-Friend of Bilu
Moumita Mitra
In Flim : Mala
Rajanya Laha
In Flim : Childhood of Bilu
Arijit Chackrabarty
In Flim : Arijit-Friend of Bilu